View an OriginalityCheck Report

To effectively check a paper for it's originality, you'll need to view the OriginalityCheck report in the Turnitin Document Viewer. This video will show you how to do this and access many of the features within it:

Accessing and Navigating an OriginalityCheck Report

To view a detailed OriginalityCheck report, click on the Similarity Index or percentage in the Turnitin column of the student progress dashboard in Write Source Online. A new window will open—this is the Document Viewer for Turnitin. In the document viewer you'll notice that the student paper is on the left and the matching sources appear in the right sidebar. The Similarity Index in the upper-right refers to the percentage of words in the entire paper that matches to the source.

Text within the student's paper that matches to content in the Turnitin database will be highlighted in the student's paper. Each match is given a number and a color. This number and color appears within the student's paper and corresponds to the sources in the sidebar.

Click on the matching text within the paper, and the matching source of the text will be displayed in a pop-up, showing you the matching text plus some of the surrounding text. You can also click on the sources listed in the sidebar to jump to that match within the paper.

The sources listed in the 'Match Overview' in the sidebar is OriginalityCheck's best source. It is not necessarily the specific source used by the student.

Match Breakdown

To view additional sources of the matching content, hover over the source listing in the sidebar, and click on the circled arrow icon that appears. This will take you to the 'Match Breakdown' view. From the Match Breakdown view, you can see some additional sources that may have been used.

For Internet source matches, you can view the original web page by hovering over a match in the side bar, and clicking the circled arrow icon. Information on the live web page may have been changed since Turnitin's last crawl of the web page.

You can choose to exclude some or all of these sources by clicking the "Select Sources to be Excluded" button towards the bottom. Select the sources you want to exclude, then click "Exclude". The OriginalityCheck report is then reevaluated and the similarity index is updated to reflect these exclusions.

To view or restore any exclusions, you can click the exclusions icon at the bottom of the sidebar. Select the sources you want to restore, then click restore, or click restore all.


Click on the Filter icon at the bottom of the sidebar to access Filters and Settings menu. Here you'll have options to Exclude Quotes, Exclude Bibliography, Exclude Small Matches, and choose whether you want multi-colored or single-color highlighting.

Paper Information

To view additional paper information, click on the Paper Info icon in the bottom-left of the document viewer. Paper information will reveal the paper ID number, when it was submitted, word count, character count, the number of times the paper was submitted, as well as a breakdown of the Similarity Index by database type.

Printing or Downloading

To the right of the info icon, you'll see a print and download button. Click this button to download the OriginalityCheck report as a PDF. Once downloaded as a PDF, you can send the document to your printer.

Note on Plagiarism

It's important to understand, that Turnitin identifies similarity in written work, It's up to an instructor to carefully look at the OriginalityCheck report and make the determination if something is plagiarized.

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