Create an Assignment

Create an Assignment

  1. Click the "+ Create Assignment" button at the top of the instructor home page.

  2. At the Assignment Details tab, select a Due Date, Enter an Assignment Name, and Assignment Description, as you would for other Write Source assignments. Click next.

  3. From the Add Activities tab, click the "+ Add an Activity" link A window will appear to Add an Activity. Select the assignment activity you would like to use from Net-text or a Custom writing task.

  4. Whatever assignment-type you choose, make sure 'Turnitin®' is checked to enable Turnitin for this activity. This will allow students to submit their essay to Turnitin's OriginalityCheck. Click Save.

  5. Confirm your activities, then click Next.

  6. From the Add Students tab, select the students you would like to add. Click Next.

  7. From the Publish tab, click Publish when you are ready to send this activity to your selected students, or click Save and Close.

  8. Your assignment has now been published to your class and the assignment has also been created in Turnitin.

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